Icon Zar

Es una artista rusa postmodernista nacida en Moscú a principios de los 80, vive entre su ciudad natal y Palma de Mallorca, ha realizado exitosamente exhibiciones en galerías de Italia, España y Rusia.

Después de realizar sus estudios en la Academia Rusa de Arte también mostró interés por la dirección en cine siguiendo varios directores y productores de la escena local. Comenzó su carrera profesional en 1998. A partir de 2002 su éxito llegó a un nivel internacional.

Su extraordinario talento es un caleidoscopio de emociones y expresiones de alegría. Le interesan todos los aspectos de las artes visuales y presenta sus cuadros en exposiciones acompañadas de espectáculos de música, sonidos y colores. Sus sentimientos como director de cine hacen estos eventos un hito en el mundo del espectáculo de hoy.



This Russian artist is representing Generation Y and Russian Feminism; her style is a form of journalism, that show what it means to live in her skin.

“TRIGGER EMOTIONAL MOVEMENT” (T.E.M.) this is how she named her FEMALE ART, which holds emotional statement and expressions and make it big difference from male artists, who usually follow one style.

Icon Zar was born in Moscow, brought up in “Soviet Regime” and land of anti-capitalism and “NO FREEDOM”. She was instinctively attracted to strong-lovely and vivid colors, brands, advertising as well as logos and she loves big cities such New York, London, Rome, Tokyo and Paris. She calls herself “ The Last Daughter of Russian Communism” and her Art is an alliance between the POP and Post-Soviet ideology with a great sense of humor about them.

Her art is divided into 9 different periods: RED, BLUE, WHITE, BLACK, GREY, PINK, GOLD, GREEN and VIOLET, each period had daily news and political changes in the world.


“Back to the USSR this is a name of game from artist. She is using for the base images of famous Communist Posters in the period of World War 2- The Cold War period in Russia. Gives new meaning to our contemporary values. It’s fun!


Inventing TRIGGER SU. The unique technique of TRIGGER SU (water in Turkish) it’s a new form of Art, which involves ceramic paint placed on top of the water and then printed on canvas or paper.

This method is similar to the process of manufacturing photography. Image printed on special paper that can not be repeated twice with the same piece of paper.


7 Continents

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”.

7 Continents- a visual exploration of our planet’s nutritional DNA. This exhibition merge art and science, culinary taste and global cuisine with fine photography.

Icon Zar- concept artist, painter, model (Moscow/Mallorca)

Oliver Brenneisen- freelance photographer, (Germany)

Dr. Miguel Sánchez Romera - neurologist, global chef (Barcelona/ New York/ China)

Make up: Cindy Kaczmarczyk (Berlin)

Icon Zar is represent the Baleáric Islands as an artistic upcoming force with her work that she has been developing within the environmental frame of ecotourism from Baleares, mass tourism from cruis ships, local businesses, fashion and feminist movement.




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